Today in the muggle world, we are still far away from using crypto as money for payments in our daily lives. One reason people do not use DAI and Metamask like we use Venmo today is due to privacy. To receive money from someone, you have to tell them your Ethereum address, which instantly reveals your account balance and all of your past transactions, making us hesitate to send crypto to each other.

Ethereum 9¾ solves this problem by allowing you to send ERC20 tokens privately in a cost-effective way using Mimblewimble and zk-SNARKs.

Ethereum 9¾ is a construction of Mimblewimble, Pedersen hash, Merkle Mountain Range(MMR), and (optimistic) roll-up with zk-SNARKs. Using both concepts of ZCash’s commitment-nullifier scheme and the Mimblewimble protocol together on Ethereum, you can hide your transaction details and conceal your token flow. Our protocol guarantees that no money is printed out of thin air and is gas efficient thanks to Pedersen Hashes, Merkle Mountain Ranges and optimistic rollup.

Through this construction, we achieve cost-effective private transactions by optimistic roll-up, which supports deterministic fraud-proofs without any data availability issues.

Technical details

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